Emphasizing on DOOH, AI based billboards are developing into a must use advertisement platform. The system captures the movement and expressions of individuals using different algorithms that determines what kind of content should be displayed to audience viewing the advertisement. This algorithm can be labeled as Darwinian algorithm, because it helps evolve to be more customer centric.Yogesh, Establishing Partner

SMART ADs based on Face Verification.

Find out suggested ads based on face in the image. The API will return face attributes and suggested ad-unit.

See it in action
    "adUrl": "/static/logic-9.jpg",
    "face": [
            "faceId": "fa684db0-7b8b-48a5-9af9-c02b81f49060",
            "faceRectangle": {
                "width": 253,
                "top": 255,
                "height": 253,
                "left": 652
            "faceAttributes": {
                "emotion": {
                    "sadness": 0,
                    "neutral": 0.218,
                    "contempt": 0.008,
                    "disgust": 0.033,
                    "anger": 0.005,
                    "surprise": 0,
                    "fear": 0,
                    "happiness": 0.736
                "gender": "male",
                "age": 34.8
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DOOH tool to enable advertisers effectively target ads based on audience demographics and emotions

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Cloud based automated and data driven billboard auction platform. Transparently connecting media owners, agencies and brands

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For outdoor advertising, one stop platform enabling dynamic creative optimization, seamless ad serving and circle reporting.

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