With the help of our new cloud based, automated, and data driven product- SWAY, advertisers reach new audiences, and media owners access new budgets.

SWAY enables a glorified path for both agencies and the new buyers. When any billboard is vacant, SWAY makes it visible for immediate buyers. Next, buyers submit their proposals along with the prices, among them you can shortlist one to display on the billboard. All the possible ads are pre-cached, thus playing just in time.

How Sway Helps Different Players

• For Media Owners, it simplifies integration of data and provides new age solutions. While leveraging under-utilized screens, SWAY is ROI driven, i.e. it makes it easy to track gain or loss generated on the investments. So, if you have a screen at your property, we can help you maximize it. Customized for DOOH, Canvos exposes your network to the purchasers. Connect with us now to explore the opportunity.

• For an Agency, SWAY helps augmenting campaigns by reaching the wide audience. Likewise, it helps to select screens, and to display customized creatives considering the location. SWAY plays a vital role for agencies as it helps in analyzing the audience viewing and spending time, consuming the content displayed. SWAY technology is built keeping in mind all requirements of the advertiser and is a self-serve platform, because we believe in data transparency and also understand the importance of having a controlled channel.

• For Brands, SWAY enables measurability and helps track ROI. It helps revise content and improve its quality to deliver better results. It also helps brands analyze the audience in terms of viewing and time spent and content consumption.

Key features

SWAY Plan:

  • Select the screen you want to advertise on.
  • Strengthen your effective CPM by the use of accurate and flexible targeting of inventory and audiences.
  • Remove spreadsheets to expedite the proposal process so you can respond to client requests instantly and increase your close rate.


  • Optimize your inventory to ensure the highest yield at all times.
  • Reduce operational complexity between departments to increase efficiency.